What Coach training programmes do we offer?
  • Certified Life Congruence Coach
  • Certified Change and Transformational Coach
  • Certified Leadership Effectiveness Coach
Who can enroll in a Life Coach training program?
  • Anyone who feels called to coach
  • Anyone who cares deeply about coaching and wants to start a career in coaching
  • Individuals who want to be masters of their own destiny and wish to develop their full potential
  • Human Resources Practitioners
  • Psychologists and Counsellors
  • Those with influential roles in organizations
  • Coaches who have not yet completed a holistic Life Coaching Programme
What will this programme help you achieve?

This programme will enable you to become a fully certified Life Congruence Coach with all the rights and entremets that this accords to you, meaning that you can use the title to offer your coaching services to others, and market yourself accordingly, use our methodologies, tools and logos and become a part of our alumni family of world-wide coaches. Additionally, you will have practiced and internalized the ICF core competencies and learnt to use our coaching methodologies to facilitate coaching conversations fluidly.

How much do the accredited training programmes cost?

R17,500.00 / $1250.00

Are the programmes offered internationally?

Yes, all our programmes are offered online and in a classroom setting in South Africa, Australia, the USA and UK.

What other programmes does Saraswati provide?
  • Personal Mastery
  • Advanced Personal Mastery
  • Creating Enduring Resilience for Tough Times