“Saraswati was tasked with developing and establishing an internal Coach Academy and designed the framework and material for this purpose. Coach training for all the HR teams globally were done and 10 HR members were certified as specialist HR coaches. Content of the coaching focused on change management, personal mastery and culture change. Additionally, line management training was included. I can gladly recommend Saraswati to any company who wish to procure their services. I have found them to be highly skilled and effective, diligent, conscientious and ethical.”Read More →

What I gained from the Life Congruence Coaching Course: I entered the training room, thinking that I am one step closer to obtaining coaching methodologies that I can add to my ‘toolbox’ as an I/O Psychologist as well as a formal coaching certification. Little did I know that I would connect with a group of authentic individuals on such a deep level and experience a sense of comfort that I have been longing for, for such a long time. Reflecting on my experience again a few months later, I realized that it enabled me to go through an extremely tough couple of months, with anRead More →

A life changing experience that gave me direction and purpose! I was touched by the enormous care and intent throughout the coaching experience. One of my most valuable life experiences. I experienced the training facilitation of a very high standard. The coaching experience and skill makes a huge difference. The material and the way in which it has been put together allows you to gain in depth understanding of the process and tools. The opportunity to practice what is taught equips you with the skill set and experience necessary to deliver impactful coaching.Read More →

I am so grateful to the Saraswati Coaching Academy as it has enhanced my internal capacity to handle whatever life hands me. So much so, that I want to share the amazing experience and resulting self-awareness, inner peace, and happiness with others. A year ago, I attended the Life Congruence Coach Training programme and was in a place where many people find themselves – feeling pulled in multiple directions and living on autopilot. I had too little time and energy to devote to all the conflicting priorities in my life and ended up feeling a bit inadequate in them all. Post the coach training, myRead More →

My name is John Goodall, my role is the Human Resources Manager at one of the Goldfields Operations in Australia. I am an experienced Human Resources professional with many years of exposure of operating at the “Coal Face” in many different industries, providing solutions to employees and business alike. I, along with several other attendees partook in a 10 day experience with an open mind, however as was demonstrated, with a mind influenced over my past years of experience, represented through my existing beliefs. The course really challenged my beliefs and resulted in me adopting a different and reasoned number of new, insightful and influentialRead More →

Saraswati’s extensive knowledge & experience in the coaching arena is without a doubt remarkable.  They have the ability to communicate & coach any type of person, position and personality.  Apart from being highly qualified, they are gifted and have the experience and knowledge to help each individual reach their full potential & coaching ability.  The passion with which they coach is contagious, and that same passion will spill over to you sooner rather than later!  If I had to make the choice of coaching again – I would without hesitation and great excitement, choose them again! My personal experience with Saraswati’s coaching program was aRead More →