Saraswati’s extensive knowledge & experience in the coaching arena is without a doubt remarkable.  They have the ability to communicate & coach any type of person, position and personality.  Apart from being highly qualified, they are gifted and have the experience and knowledge to help each individual reach their full potential & coaching ability.  The passion with which they coach is contagious, and that same passion will spill over to you sooner rather than later!  If I had to make the choice of coaching again – I would without hesitation and great excitement, choose them again!

My personal experience with Saraswati’s coaching program was a journey of not only spiritual self-discovery but one of delving deep and far beyond the borders of my comfort zone.  It helped me discover what I knew was there, but have not been able to mine & develop by myself.  They helped shape my thinking & decision making process by challenging the borders I created for myself and eventually it removed the blinkers and borders– for me to see beyond what is visible on the surface.  If you think about it – It is after all the 80% of an iceberg that lies beneath the surface that really makes the impact and keeps the surface section afloat – so why would you not consider exploring deeper and mining what is hidden inside yourself?

My journey now entails embracing shifting the borders of what other individuals accept as standard/normal/acceptable or meant to be to what I believe should be and could be extraordinary.  In all areas of life, business and relationships.

I am after all – a rainbow sprinkle in a vanilla world!