My name is John Goodall, my role is the Human Resources Manager at one of the Goldfields Operations in Australia. I am an experienced Human Resources professional with many years of exposure of operating at the “Coal Face” in many different industries, providing solutions to employees and business alike. I, along with several other attendees partook in a 10 day experience with an open mind, however as was demonstrated, with a mind influenced over my past years of experience, represented through my existing beliefs. The course really challenged my beliefs and resulted in me adopting a different and reasoned number of new, insightful and influential tools that I see have the capacity to change the way Human Resource Management is viewed. That View I believe to be very transformational in approach and outcomes with the potential of the Human Resources efforts being accepted as” true business partners” providing valued benefits to the employees and business for the future.

The course material was presented in a professional but caring manner at all times. This program is one of the very few throughout my career that continues to resonate with me at work and in my personal life in an ongoing manner. Thought provoking and completely worthwhile would be words that spring to mind about the course content. I Would not hesitate to recommend such development to others.