“Saraswati was commissioned to coach the top layers of executives and senior managers in Gold Fields (about 43 individuals) including some leaders and the EXCO team at South Deep Mine, the Technical Services Team that was based in Australia and specifically working also with the Sustainable Development team at HQ. The coaching focused on improving business results and leadership effectiveness overall. Saraswati also conducted team effectiveness coaching for the Group EXCO team.

Their work in Australia is of special mention given that they facilitated a number of global technical services workshops that included over 50 delegates world-wide.

Saraswati is currently providing consulting services to the HR Function at Impala Platinum Mine and executive coaching to the EXCO team at Marula Platinum Mine.
I can gladly recommend Saraswati to any company who wish to procure their services. I have found them to be highly skilled and effective, diligent, conscientious and ethical.”