“Our management team attended a day workshop with you. From that day forward, we were a changed team. A cohesive team, dependant on each other, embracing the core challenges our emergency environment creates.

I want to reflect on the personal growth I’ve had in our individual sessions. The challenge from nursing to medicine and then finally a middle manager in the state sector to a senior member in the private sector seemed insurmountable. Our sessions challenged and changed deep pathological emotions which will never return. You’ve taught me to stay positive and have an open mind, to think before I speak, and reflect on the now.

I understand my inner self. You’ve helped me to change the tears of inappropriate emotion to joy! I’ve learnt love, inner peace and an innermost sense of stillness. Your nurturing, leadership and mentorship has allowed me to take my rightful place as a courageous, successful, confident, professional clinical leader in the Emergency Service Industry.

The experience has been greater than any academic qualification I’ve obtained. Through you, I’m capable of great things, and I thank you for the opportunity. I am the power of now”.