Life Coaching


Holistic life coaching
The Saraswati Life Coaching methodology and approach considers each individual as absolutely unique and embraces a process that integrates mind, body, psyche and soul.
We work from the premise that everything is connected and related and should one part of ourselves be inflicted then the remainder of the individual is impacted. Accordingly, holistic life coaching deals with all the parts that make up who we coherently are.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams

Our coaching model incorporates the Saraswati 6 Pillars of Genius ©; – involving past conditioning and experiences that may have resulted in beliefs or subtle and stubborn blocks that limit an individual from being his/her best self, to creating understanding of the archetype in the presence of one’s life that engages themes, patterns and cycles – playing out realities that constantly show up in one’s life.

What you’ll achieve

  • Understanding your place in the world and reason for being
  • Find work that inspires and is aligned with your talents, strengths and life-ward mission and purpose
  • Learn to play to your strengths
  • Create spiritual fulfilment and realisation through greater self-awareness and actualisation
  • Deep self-engagement and improved self-governance and self-mastery
  • Create emotional intelligence
  • Find personal bliss and a return to a state of joy
  • Create greater mental clarity and mind awareness
  • Develop personal goals that are simple, achievable, realistic and time driven
  • Enhance personal discipline for the achievement of goals
  • Learn to harness time and opportunity with wisdom and integrity
  • Change and develop habits that create and sustain life energies and strategies
  • Enhance positivity, learn to visualize and manifest changed outcomes
  • Building wise relationships

Some of our Base Methodologies include the following diagrams:

How much does the Life Coaching Programme cost?
This is dependent on seniority of the coach and the coachee, the number of sessions purchased, and whether a long-term retainer is put in place. However, the price for an individual session ranges from R2,750.00 – R4,500.00


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Executive, Business, Change and Life Coach


Helga’s coaching experience includes hundreds of executive coaching assignments to premier organisations like MTN, Impala Platinum, Gold Fields, the Old Mutual Group, Sanlam, inter alia in excess of 12,000 coaching hours over the past 15 years.

Helga developed the Programme material for Saraswati Coach Academy International and piloted its impact and efficacy at various client organisations with huge success over the past 10 years.

She trained approximately 500 students in the NAFCOCJCCI Labour and Employee Relations Certification Programmes; a programme that she designed and facilitated.

Other training included various professional programmes over the past 30 years including: Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, various human resources topics and employee relations management.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Law and is a published author (Juta).

Helga furthermore directed numerous cutting-edge consulting assignments to blue-chip companies internationally over the past 30 years, ranging from organisational redesign, culture change, business improvement, change management, HR strategy design and people management tactics and strategies.  This has provided her with deep insight into the challenges faced by executives – helping her addressing coaching needs meaningfully.

However, Helga’s real work was on herself and in creating self-mastery and consistency for her own personal growth.

Helga holds certifications as a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Executive Coach,  Results Coach, Life Congruence Coach and Change and Transformation Coach.


Executive, Change, Results, Mbit and Life Coach


Amory Landis is a Certified Life, Performance and Executive Coach with credentials as a Mbit Coach, Results Coach, Life Congruence Coach and Certified Professional Coach.

He has coached hundreds of individuals and executives towards living an authentic and balanced life, whilst helping them to develop and hone their gifts.

Amory is particularly asked to coach for improved individual performance and in this area he works with professional athletes, executives and people who are aspiring to reach the next level in their career or personal goals.

He utilizes a holistic approach towards self-discovery and personal mastery, guiding individuals towards a joyful state in which they are able to function at their highest potential.

He also consults for various premier organisations as a specialist consultant in areas of Human Resource Management, Change Management and  Organisational Culture Design.  Some of his clients include Gold Fields, Implats, Sanlam, Joburg Property Company and Minerals Processing Executive.


Mentor Coach


Karen worked in a corporate environment for 20 years, before transitioning into coaching. She held a number of senior human resource leadership roles across a broad cross-section of the organization.

At the same time her coach training and experience (2 250+ coaching hours) provide perspectives and ways of working that open up new possibilities for her coachees.

Karen is a certified Integral Coach, Leadership Embodiment Coach and is credentialed through the ICF at Master Coach level.

She serves as Mentor Coach to Saraswati Coach Academy International.


  • We develop customised, fit-for-purpose coaching methodologies that are specific to your business and your industry
  • We ensure that the coaching methodology and outcomes align and support your company’s strategy, business objectives and enable the desired culture of the business
  • Our approach to the coaching conversation is balanced and holistic in nature and considers proven theory and world-class, industry-specific trends and developments
  • The coaching methodologies align with international coaching standards and global best practise
  • We successfully blend coaching and mentoring given our exposure in corporate roles
  • We are adept at multiple leadership styles and as such, do not advocate a once-size fits all approach
  • Saraswati possesses a deep databank of tools, expertise and resources
  • We have successfully developed credible in-house coaching competence for some of our clients
  • Combine global Big 4 consulting experience with our mentoring practise
  • We dove-tail a psychometric assessment facility with our executive coaching and coach training initiatives; and
  • Because we’ve worked in large multi-cultural corporations ourselves, we understand what it takes to succeed.