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Holistic life coaching

The Saraswati Life Coaching methodology and approach considers each individual as absolutely unique and embraces a process that integrates mind, body, psyche and soul.
We work from the premise that everything is connected and related and should one part of ourselves be inflicted then the remainder of the individual is impacted. Accordingly, holistic life coaching deals with all the parts that make up who we coherently are.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams

Our coaching model incorporates the Saraswati 6 Pillars of Genius ©; – involving past conditioning and experiences that may have resulted in beliefs or subtle and stubborn blocks that limit an individual from being his/her best self, to creating understanding of the archetype in the presence of one’s life that engages themes, patterns and cycles – playing out realities that constantly show up in one’s life.

What you’ll achieve

  • Understanding your place in the world and reason for being
  • Find work that inspires and is aligned with your talents, strengths and life-ward mission and purpose
  • Learn to play to your strengths
  • Create spiritual fulfilment and realisation through greater self-awareness and actualisation
  • Deep self-engagement and improved self-governance and self-mastery
  • Create emotional intelligence
  • Find personal bliss and a return to a state of joy
  • Create greater mental clarity and mind awareness
  • Develop personal goals that are simple, achievable, realistic and time driven
  • Enhance personal discipline for the achievement of goals
  • Learn to harness time and opportunity with wisdom and integrity
  • Change and develope habits that create and sustain life energies and strategies
  • Enhance positivity, learn to visualise and manifest changed outcomes
  • Building wise relationships

Some of our Base Methodologies include the following diagrams:

How much does the Life Coaching Programme cost?

This is dependent on seniority of the coach and the coachee, the number of sessions purchased, and whether a long-term retainer is put in place. However, the price for an individual session ranges from R2,750.00 – R4,500.00



What is executive coaching?

“Executive coaching is the art and science of facilitating a structured process that is designed and customised to meet the growth needs and the current reality of an executive, to enable movement towards a desired state through unlocking possibilities that were not previously considered” – Helga Landis.

Our approach to the coaching process

We start from the premise that people are not broken, they work perfectly well.  They have all the resources they need; they just need to access, strengthen, and sequence them.  Mind-body are part of the same system and influence each other.  We can model excellence, and some genius, if we break the tasks and skills into small enough chunks.

We always maintain that:  It is always better to have choice, our map is never our territory and we all respond to our map of reality, not reality itself.

We hold fast to the belief that there is no failure, only feedback, and that behind every behaviour is a positive intention.

For this reason, our coaching programmes are designed from a holistic point of view, bringing all of the executive’s strength, talents, experiences and previous learning into the process.  Our approach is based on an inclusive model that values intuition, analysis and an action orientated approach.  We believe that whilst results are important, so are relationships so we treat them as sacred. We also advocate the ability to be adept at multiple leadership styles that include both backbone and heart.

As such, we include Transformational Coaching in all our coaching assignments with the key aim to create enduring and lasting change and that integrates with mind, body, psyche and soul.   We have learned that focusing on single orientation towards personal growth yields often inauthentic outcomes, whilst an integrative approach that starts with heart and ends with pure and consistent application of the transformed thought processes encompass and impact positively all previous conditioning, experiences and belief systems.  In short, we retrain the brain through a process of interactive modelling whilst harnessing an individual's inner authority.

We thus develop executives that are whole, fulfilled and self-aware individuals who not only bring to bear their purpose, passion,  talents and expertise in their work and in the businesses they serve, but people with an ability to self-regulate, self-enthuse and act with courage, conviction and clarity.

Essentially, these are the individuals that transform organisations from bleak to brilliant.  Their resounding impact are found in boardrooms, classrooms and corridors.  These are the transformational agents that through personal authentication and self-actualisation change the organisational fabric to solidly embed the Saraswati 6 Pillars of Genius.

How much does the Executive Coaching Programme cost?

This is dependent on seniority of the coach and the coachee, the number of sessions purchased, and whether a long-term retainer is put in place. However, the price for an individual session ranges from R2,750.00 – R6,000.00 per session.



What is team coaching?

Team coaching means working with the whole team to enhance their self-awareness and the mutual regard and respect they have for each other, with the focus on improving the quality of relationships and identifying what encourages and what gets in the way of the teams' effectiveness and performance.

Our approach to the team coaching process

Team coaching helps people understand how to work better with others. It's an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships. The team can then focus on its real work, and achieve its objectives. People must learn to work together and understand how to relate to one another – otherwise the team's output will be less than it could be.

We commence the team coaching intervention by understanding the dynamics of the team. This is the process of figuring out how team members relate to one another. We all have different styles of working and communicating, and when we encounter a person with a style that's different from our own, we can often get frustrated with that person, and fail to recognize his or her unique strengths. In order to achieve this we conduct two assessments on team members, one being a learning style inventory and the other a personality and team role assessment.  This forms the basis for the initial interaction with the team. Personality and behavior assessments are great tools for improving a team's understanding of its own dynamics, and they give team members a better understanding of why they react to their colleagues in certain ways. This new understanding helps them think about how they can relate to one another more effectively, at the same time that it breeds tolerance by helping people understand that different approaches may be valid in different situations. For example, if Sally knows that George is shy, she'll have a better appreciation for why he prefers to do tasks independently. Rather than assume he's just not interested in working with her, Sally can focus instead on finding ways to relate to George on his terms. Likewise, when George realizes that social acceptance is important to Sally, he can make an effort to be more friendly and interested in what she's doing.

Once this has been completed we move on to the Saraswati  base methodology and work systematically through the 15 key criteria for successful teams.  The outcome of the intervention is a comprehensive team charter document that defines the “rules of engagement” of team members.

Our methodology does not stand on its own and is informed by the client's corporate culture, vision, mission and values.  Coaching to improve team performance could need different approaches for different teams and different people within the same organisation.  Our methodology is flexible and is customized per a team's requirements as to what works for one team many not necessarily work for another.

Our Base Methodology

Based on the premise that the team is a collective, team members need to share common insight and views in order to ensure high performance teams.

How much does the Team Effectiveness Coaching Programme cost?

The cost of the programme will be dependent on a number of factors including the number of people in the team, whether assessments will be done, the complexity of the team dynamics and the duration and extent of the process.



What is business coaching?

Business Coaching equips an individual with the technical and practical theory and practise in various business environments.

Our approach to the business coaching process

Business coaching aims to positively impact business performance, productivity and profitability through equipping executives with insight, knowledge and the appropriate tools to ensure their effective delivery to the required business goals and objectives.

The reach of business coaching is expansive and includes, but are not limited to, the following focus areas:

  • Business strategy, design and validation
  • Business improvement strategy and design
  • Interim executive and operational management
  • Business turn-around
  • Developing of business plans
  • Organisational structure and design
  • Business process re-engineering
  • System implementation and integration
  • Talent placement, management
  • Organisational culture transformation
  • Leadership training and development of strategies and review.

Business coaching accordingly directs the focus of the various stakeholders and executives on areas in the business requiring assessment, improvement or redress.

The approach is integrative and follows a structured and proven methodology to attain quick-wins and generate feasible, achievable medium to longer-term objectives.

How much does the Business Coaching Programme cost?

This is dependent on seniority of the coach and the coachee, the number of sessions purchased, and whether a long-term retainer is put in place. However, the price for an individual session ranges from R2,750.00 – R6,000.00



This type of coaching focuses on facilitating change management, and enabling change and transformation in individuals, teams and organisations. It is used when people struggle to accept or deal with any kind of forced or voluntary change – or to bring about culture change, personal transformation or developmental and growth strategies.

Change coaching really supports the carrying of an individual from where he is, to where he needs to be, and enables a different mindset, a new way of being and doing and reflecting on all of life’s aspects through a different perspective. It thus is a powerful and impactful tool to ensure change agility, change readiness and change adeptness at any level in the business or at any life stage, whether it is a change of organizational structures, personal change through for instance, death or divorce, or deep, inner transformation needed in support of new life goals.

How much does the Change & Transformation Coaching Programme cost?

This is dependent on seniority of the coach and the coachee, the number of sessions purchased, and whether a long-term retainer is put in place. However, the price for an individual session ranges from R2,750.00 – R6,000.00