Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery

What is this programme about?
The programme, which stretches over 2½ days, is conducted in a nature setting and involves the three brains, motivational and self-inspired exercises, mindfulness meditation practice, music therapy, peer coaching, and the unlocking of critical and dynamic tools for self-reflection, self-measurement, goal-setting and planning.

It invokes all aspects of the individual and is holistic and integrated by nature. Large focus is placed on honing one’s purpose, talents and strengths and on understanding what it is that one is born to do. It brings about reflective questioning on the stories that have been lived that may no longer be serving – and how to craft a new script for the inner and outer journey onward.

Who should attend?

The Personal Mastery Programme is for individuals who want to grow at a deeply profound level and who is questioning whether they are fulfilling their full potential. It has been attended, with profound success, by leaders of all walks of life, individuals learning to become life coaches or anyone seeking self-enrichment and self-development and heightened states of awareness and consciousness that unlocks enhanced purposeful living.

Programme content include:

  • Understanding your true self
  • Finding your life purpose and your reason for being
  • Discover what makes your heart sing
  • Define a compelling vision and creating meaning in your life
  • Align your work with your bliss
  • Create a life goal and being clear on your mission
  • How we create our realities
  • The power of congruence; and
  • How to run your brain.

How is the programme conducted and how often is it held?
The Programme is run over a weekend and involves a Friday evening, 17:30 to 21:30, and Saturdays and Sundays, 08:00 to 18:00.

The Personal Mastery Programme is run every alternate month in a nature setting. Class numbers are kept intimately small in order to allow for access to our life coaches who are facilitating the programme. A registered psychologist and wellness coach certified in nutrition is available upon request. The dress code is comfortable whilst a therapeutic setting is created. Meals served include healthy options.

Please check our events calendar for the next scheduled programme.

What you get at the end of the Programme
You will be issued with a Certificate of Completion and delegates who wish to ulitise their attendance towards the achievement of further professional CCEU points will receive 21 points through the Saraswati Coach Academy International.

What else do I need to know about this programme?
This is an intensive programme that will require deep reflection. Preparatory work includes a written self-assessment and pre-reading.

How much does the Personal Mastery Programme cost?
The cost is R7,800.00 / $525.00 and covers all materials, meals and related expenses.

At least a 50% deposit is required prior to registration confirmation and full payment must be made before programme commencement.


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Executive, Business, Change and Life Coach


Helga’s coaching experience includes hundreds of executive coaching assignments to premier organisations like MTN, Impala Platinum, Gold Fields, the Old Mutual Group, Sanlam, inter alia in excess of 12,000 coaching hours over the past 15 years.

Helga developed the Programme material for Saraswati Coach Academy International and piloted its impact and efficacy at various client organisations with huge success over the past 10 years.

She trained approximately 500 students in the NAFCOCJCCI Labour and Employee Relations Certification Programmes; a programme that she designed and facilitated.

Other training included various professional programmes over the past 30 years including: Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, various human resources topics and employee relations management.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Law and is a published author (Juta).

Helga furthermore directed numerous cutting-edge consulting assignments to blue-chip companies internationally over the past 30 years, ranging from organisational redesign, culture change, business improvement, change management, HR strategy design and people management tactics and strategies.  This has provided her with deep insight into the challenges faced by executives – helping her addressing coaching needs meaningfully.

However, Helga’s real work was on herself and in creating self-mastery and consistency for her own personal growth.

Helga holds certifications as a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Executive Coach,  Results Coach, Life Congruence Coach and Change and Transformation Coach.


Executive, Change, Results, Mbit and Life Coach


Amory Landis is a Certified Life, Performance and Executive Coach with credentials as a Mbit Coach, Results Coach, Life Congruence Coach and Certified Professional Coach.

He has coached hundreds of individuals and executives towards living an authentic and balanced life, whilst helping them to develop and hone their gifts.

Amory is particularly asked to coach for improved individual performance and in this area he works with professional athletes, executives and people who are aspiring to reach the next level in their career or personal goals.

He utilizes a holistic approach towards self-discovery and personal mastery, guiding individuals towards a joyful state in which they are able to function at their highest potential.

He also consults for various premier organisations as a specialist consultant in areas of human resources management, change management and  organizational culture design.  Some of his clients include Gold Fields, Implats, Sanlam, Joburg Property Company and Minerals Processing Executive.


Mentor Coach


Karen worked in a corporate environment for 20 years, before transitioning into coaching. She held a number of senior human resource leadership roles across a broad cross-section of the organization.

At the same time her coach training and experience (2 250+ coaching hours) provide perspectives and ways of working that open up new possibilities for her coachees.

Karen is a certified Integral Coach, Leadership Embodiment Coach and is credentialed through the ICF at Master Coach level.

She serves as Mentor Coach to Saraswati Coach Academy International.


  • Our coach training programmes address not only foundational coaching skills and practices but also cater for advanced further learning and development
  • This means that you will continue to build your coaching competence as well as add advanced methodologies and coaching approaches to your coaching toolkit
  • The content matter of our programmes addresses growing global needs in corporate environments, including business improvement, culture change, change management and leadership effectiveness and transformation
  • Our coach training programmes are used to develop in-house coaching competence, such as for example, training HR to become Change and Transformation Coaches
  • We regularly schedule and host coach practise opportunities and self-enrichment days for our alumni at a fractional cost or no cost involved at all
  • Our in-house Mentor Coach is ICF accredited at MCC level; and
  • We dove-tail a psychometric assessment facility with our executive coaching and coach training initiatives